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Invoice Discounting

Discount your future payment receivables to get immediate cashflow

Flexibility in Raising Capital
Improved Cash Flows
Low Interest Funding

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Invoice Discounting

Asset Leasing

Quickly lease assets while safeguarding capital for your operational flexibility.

Preservation of Capital
Mitigation of Depreciation Risks
Tax Advantages

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Asset Leasing


Easy Onboarding

Get started with a minimal documentation process and registration


Basic Details

We ask about your company & your requirements

KYC Details

To verify your entity

Documents Upload

For checking your historic performance


Analyzing your financial history

Through analysis of your documents


24-hour disbursal post-signing

After assessing your documents, we promptly facilitate funds upon registration.


“Our Journey with Tap has been very quick and secure

Today was really unique experience with Tap another portfolio company of Inflection Point Ventures We worked with their team for distributor invoice discounting. For Tjuk Trade Networks Pvt.Ltd Quickly they completed paperwork and made deal live and in less than 20 hours it got sold out with money in our bank…

For the first time we did this kind of fundraise at Indic Wisdom Private Limited and experience was amazing…Thanks to all those unknown retail investors who trusted us and to Tap team and IPV team for all their support.

Kaustubh Khare
Co-Founder @ Indic Wisdom


Why Tap Stands Out?

What sets Tap apart from other competitors

Seamless Onboarding

We offer a three-step onboarding process with expert support available for any queries

Quick Approval Duration

Register and get approved easily with our fast-speed verification process

24hrs disbursal after approval of application

Get approved for rapid cash flow solutions just when you need them.

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Get 14% IRR Returns with Tap Invest.

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